Crutches that fall on the floor…a nightmare for disabled persons, who loose confidence as well as autonomy.

Picking them up is a burden for those who help, be they professional or family membrers. 

And how do you transport your newspaper, crosswords or any other necessary item?

Clip’on increases autonomy of disabled persons, reduce the workload of and medical staff or family members!


– stabilizing crutches when putting them against a wall, a table, a chair and recusing drastically the risk of them falling down on the ground.

– carrying a newspaper, a booklet, a bag while having both hands on the crutches.

– fixing the crutch on a trolley, a wheelchair or a walker and being able to pick it up in 1 single movement.

– for blind people, securing the stick on their belt and having it always within reach of a hand.

Bind your crutches, put them somewhere and forget them!

Read you newspaper wherever you want, without the need of an helping hand!

Need an easy transportation of crutches on the wheelchair and a quick release?